Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Queen of the Hills : Murree

The place first comes into your mind when you think about the Beauty of Pakistan is Murree. It is one of the largest and famous resorts in Pakistan. It is a hill station in the Galiat region of Pakistan and capital city of Murree Tehsil which is an administrative division of Rawalpindi District. It is located 50 Km northeast of Pakistan capital Islamabad at an altitude of 7516 ft. (2291 m) in the Himalayan foothills.

Queen of Hills
Beautiful Murree

               It is common with locals throughout the Pakistan and the foreigners in nearby Islamabad on the run in the boiling heat of plains in summer. And sometimes it is crowded like a cinema hall in summer. It is synonymous to holidays, summer resorts, green hills, pine trees. It is a place which pleases the people of all ages through green fresh summer, snow covered winters, beautiful mountain views, etc. No one can get tired of going to Murree and enjoying its beauty.

               The name of Murree is derived from “marhi” meaning a high place. It is due to its high hills and mountains. It was founded as a hill station by the British Governor Sir Henry Lawrence in 1851 as a sanatorium for the British troops which were garrisoned on the Afghan Frontier. Like the other cities set up by the British, Murree has the mall, churches, schools, parks, clubs and other crumbling colonial charms. Until 1876, Murree was the headquarter of the Punjab local government. A railway connection link with Lahore, capital of Punjab made Murree a popular resort for Punjab Officials. Villas and other houses erect for the lodging of English families gave it the British aspect. British soldiers and administrator used to spend summer there due to colder climate.

Nathia Gali Church
Church in Murree

               In the Himalayan foothills, Murree is also known as Malka e Kohsar (Queen of the Hills) for its beauty and fascinating greenery.  At the northeast end is Kashmir and at the southwest is pindi point. Between the two run the Mall, which is main shopping area crowded by the visitors.  General post office is on the mall.  An ecology center was established in 1960 to experiment with the environment friendly agricultural process. Fruits like cherries, raspberries, and strawberries dwell there locally.

Murree mall road
Mall Road Murree

               After the Independence, Murree has expanded at a higher rate. Murree has been Pakistan most important domestic tourist destination. Murree is more like a modern town than a hill station. It is an attractive resort both for holiday makers and seekers of isolation due to its easy accessibility and enormous size. These days, people find themselves stressed and tired due to busy routines. In order to get rid of strain visit to hill station like Murree will help to keep them cool, cheerful and comfortable.

               Bhurban and New Murree (Patriata) have also been developed as tourist centers. The whole Galliat region is known for its scenic beauty. Bhurban have a five star pearl continental Hotel and a nine hole Golf course. Some of the walking and hiking tracks that you can enjoy are
  •          Ayubia
  •          Changla Gali
  •          Dunga Gali
  •          Mushkpuri
  •          Nathia Gali
  •          Bara Gali 

               The most centrally placed and the most well-known of the Galis is Nathia Gali. It lies mid-way between Murree and Abbottabad, at an altitude of 8,350 ft. In the foreground, to the north-east rise the green slopes of Miran Jani, about 9,000 ft. Only about two miles further up and nine miles / 14 kms. from Murree, on the main Abbottabad-Murree road, is Changla Gali, splendidly situated at an altitude of 8,400 ft. amidst thick pine forest. The 9,000 ft. From Ayubia visitors returns to Murree – Nathia Gali Road and climb further for about three miles and then jumps in view Dunga Gali, a small resort picturesquely situated on the slopes of the Mushkpuri hill 7,800 ft. From Nathia Gali to Abbottabad the road runs down from about 9000 ft. to 4500 ft. About three miles down there lies Bara Gali a small hill station, located at an altitude of 7,900 ft. The last of the chain of the Galis it is only 15 miles / 24 kms from Abbottabad on the road to Nathia Gali.       

Nathia Gali
A beatiful Site at Nathia Gali

               There is no better place than Murree for the people who want to enjoy their vacations with full beauty of nature. Availability of variety of foods, hotels, cold weather, and beautiful sites make Murree a more beautiful hill station. It not only attracts domestic people towards it but also it attracts tourists from different cities of the country and people from other country as well. It is not possible that any person who visits Murree not enjoy its beauty and fascinating environment.