Sunday, 23 June 2013

ICC Champions Trophy 2013
ICC Champions Trophy 2013
Before the start of ICC Champions Trophy 2013, Pakistan Team was being considered as the strong contender for the title. But all expectations have proved wrong and all their efforts and plans went in vain. After losing their first match to West Indies by 2 wickets, Pakistan lost their 2nd and 3rd match to South Africa and arch-rivals India respectively and eliminated from the tournament with null performance. Senior batsmen like Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal and Imran Farhat were seemed struggling throughout the event. Pakistan team didn’t manage to pass the total score of 170 runs in any match of the tournament.

Champions Trophy 2013 is being played in England and Wales. As the conditions are difficult for Pakistan, they had a training camp in Abbotabad with similar conditions as in England and Wales. They also played two One Day Internationals with Scotland and Ireland before Champions Trophy. But after all these efforts, the performance of our national team was very shameful. Bowlers did the fantastic job by limiting opponent teams to a small total however batting was totally flop. In all three group matches, only captain Misbah ul Haq and Nasir Jamshed were able to do job with the bat. Except both of them, whole batting line up of Pakistan was considered as totally flop.

Pakistan wickets
Opener Imran Farhat Dismisal in ICC Champions Trophy

Captain Misbah ul Haq was very disappointed with his team’s performance. Keeping in mind he is the top scorer from Pakistan throughout the tournament.
“Disappointing performance again with the bat, the weather also played a part as it was difficult to get in and out so many times. In this sort of format, it is too short for the teams because you have one bad day at the start of the tournament; you are almost out of it,” said Misbah at the presentation ceremony.
Former cricketers and other sports journalists have also criticized Pakistan team on their performance. They said that either Pakistan team is lacking talent or skills or they have problems with confidence, temperament and self-belief. They made demand with to groom the youngster and bring big changes in the team. Wasim Akram said,
"I don't know if there is lack of ability in our players or there's some psychological problem, but drastic steps should be taken."


Monday, 17 June 2013

Indian Cinema war against ISLAM ...!!!

The main reason for this post is that Pakistan is the second most Indian movies fans country, where majority like to watch the Indian movies rather than english ,punjabi,urdu, pashto etc movies ...
In these days , we are finding that the Indian cinema has started quite war against ISLAM ... Oh yeah , i am in  my complete senses and has said the quote which i mentioned above . 
Many of you may against my above quotation but believe me guys it's what is happening actually in Indian Media plus in BOLLYWOOD films ...
Some movies samples ...!!!

In Bollywood films , many of the songs contain the word ALLAH(the creator of the universe). ALLAH , who sent his messenger SAW to break the musical instruments . There are many examples available in BOLLYWOOD movies containing the dialogues , the songs especially in which the word SUBHAN'ALLAH, MASHA'ALLAH etc used to express the beauty of a heroine or some other bad purposes .The word MASHA'ALLAH used with half nude heroines i.e  the song CHEHRA HAI MASHA'ALLAH from EK THA TIGER in which Salman Khan was the hero starring with Katrina Kaif, who wear skirts and many other examples are also available easily.When they used to cast the terrorist in any movie, they resemble them with the bearded and without moustache man (which is actually the identity of muslims only).Indian Cinema also using the abaya(HIJAB) in shameful ways in their movies i.e when any man did any crime or any other shameful act, they used HIJAB to ran away from the crime spot or anyother suspected place...
We , as muslims really condemn this shameful act from Indian cinema and protest against it & believe that the Indian Cinema stop it & also respect other religions as they respect their own ... 


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Expensive Wristwatch Owned by Nawaz Sharif

Just the other day, I came across a Facebook post where it said that our newly elected Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, wore the world's most expensive watch pricing $4.6 million dollars during his first speech to the National Assembly after getting elected.

The social media websites have raised many issues like the Shahzeb Khan murder case. But this issue is something which left me completely speechless for a few minutes. Alas, such news are not new for the Pakistanis. Pakistani politicians are famous for their lavishness. See this.

A poor country like Pakistan where many don't even have enough money to buy food for themselves, where half of the population never gets to see what schools are like, where people die due to inadequate health facilities, news or even rumors about fancy watches can intensify the emotions of the Pakistani citizens.

For those of you who don't believe this piece of information, please go through this link. Check out the 6th watch mentioned here.

At a loss of words!!!        

Friday, 14 June 2013

Richest President of a Poor Country

President Asif Ali Zardari
Asif Ali Zardari is one of the most famous persons in Pakistan. He was born on 26th July 1955. He belongs to a Sindhi family from Nawabshah, Sindh. His father, Hakim Ali Zardari was also a former politician and businessman. After his father demise in 2011, Asif became the Chief of Zardari clan. Asif Ali Zardari acquired his high school education from Cadet College, Petaro, Sindh. He passed his graduation from a college of London.

Asif Ali Zardari married to Benazir Bhutto, daughter of Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in 1987. He has 3 children Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa. During both governments of his wife, Asif was elected as a federal minister. He has been arrested and charged with number of offences and imprisoned 2 times, in 1990 for 3 years and in 1996 for 8 years. Asif Zardari has faced much criticism and continually being accused of corruption. When Benazir was Prime Minister, he was labeled as Mr 10 per cent on account of accusations relating to accepting kickbacks and stealing from the state’s assets
After assassination of his wife on 27 December 2007, he came back to Pakistan. On 30th December 2007, he became the co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) along with his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who was studying in Oxford University London. In General Election 2008, PPP formed government and after some months in September 2008, he was elected as the 11th President of Pakistan by securing 218 votes out of 426 votes from parliament. In March 2013, he resigned from the position of party’s co-chief, in view of case pertaining to simultaneously holding two offices of President and Party's chief.

Asif Ali Zardari with his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
Asif Ali Zardari is not only famous as a politician but also he is the 2nd Richest Person of Pakistan by the end of year 2012. He has reported to have estates in different countries including Surrey, West End of London, Manhattan, Dubai, Florida, etc. He also has bank accounts in several foreign companies including Citi Bank, Swiss Bank Corporation, and other banks of UK and Paris. He also owns several houses and hotels in Pakistan. His house in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are called Bilawal House I, Bilawal House II and Zardari House respectively.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nasir Jamshed

Nasir Jamshed, a Pakistani cricketer is an opening batsman with a left hander batting style and a right arm bowling style. Being an aggressive batsman, Nasir is thought of as a capable batsman in playing all strokes around the wicket and converting the starts into bigger scores. This talented batsman was born on 6 December 1989 in Lahore and is now a part our Pakistan Cricket team representing in One Day International (ODI) as well as in Twenty20 International (T20) matches.
Nasir Jamshed

Nasir's Career

Now aged 23, Nasir started his carrier in cricket at a very early stage and was promoted gradually by his impressive and visible talent. His performance in first class debut for National Bank of Pakistan was a shining 74 when he was only 15. And then he was selected for the Pakistan under 19s side to play visiting Sri-Lankans. Here he gave some thrilling performances and the match to a draw with a 253-run first innings lead.
Jamshed made his International debut in early 2008 against Zimbabwe in the home ODI series and received a Man of the Match award. He succeeded in obtaining consecutive centuries in first and second matches in the second ODI. The year 2012 is a memorable year for Nasir Jamshed when against India in Bangladesh during the 2012 Asia Cup; he scored a 112 from only 104 balls and was involved in a 224 run partnership with Mohammad Hafeez. They also outshined Saeed Anwar and Aamer Sohail’s record of 144 runs made in 1996 by their this partnership which is known as the second best opening partnership for Pakistan ever made against any team as well as first best partnership against India in One Day Internationals.
                                                                       As mostly many of our players are accused of some or the other things. Nasir at a time in his carrer was also accused of spot fixing in Bangladesh Premier League on which due to soft stance from Pakistan Cricket Board he was there in the Asia Cup after which he scored 112 remarkable runs against India.

Amongst these accusations Nasir’s one shocking news prevailed on televisions when he was found cheating in his class 9th exam. When he and his fellows were caught cheating they were handed over to the police and sooner it was told that one among them has also played for Pakistan Cricket Team. The Lahore Police claimed of finding them “red-handed” while cheating. Many channels even showed Nasir behind the bars at that time, but, this all is now forgotten by his great performances and his love for the country that has made him a National Hero. He is at present a batsman who is observed as a talented player and one who plays wilfully and enthusiastically for Pakistan.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Top 5 Social Media Websites for Blog Publicity

Blogging is one of the most emerging industry of today. It gives you a chance to earn while working from home. Initially, you have to spend a lot of time and energy not only to maintain your blog but also to attract loyal readers.

Social media is probably the most common and the the first source to be thought of when it comes to the publicity and promotion of a blog. We all use social media websites and many of us are addicts of it too. But it is a fact that these websites are not only used for social interaction among friends.

Here are the top 5 social media websites that are used most commonly by bloggers for redirecting users to their blogs:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Google+:

4. Digg:

5. Pinterest:

Monday, 10 June 2013

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital is a contemporary, non-profit research centre and hospital located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. This specialist cancer hospital is a project of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (a charitable organization). The Trust has established in a number of other centres to spread awareness, diagnosis and treatment of cancer all over Pakistan.

A passionate statement in which the Hospital believes:
“To act as a model of institution, working with zeal and zest and dedicated hard work in providing the best possible care to all the patients irrespective of their ability to pay. It strives in eliminating and minimizing the sufferings of patients using advanced and modern method of treatment.”
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

                                                It was an inspiration that led Mr. Imran Khan to base the foundation of this hospital. Shaukat Khanum hospital was built in the memory of Imran Khan’s mother, Mrs Shaukat Khanum who passed away in the late 1980’s while fighting from cancer. It was the lack of treatment, awareness and proper diagnosis of this disease as well as the agony of millions in Pakistan that Imran Khan started a global fundraising campaign. And this campaign eventually turned out his inspiration into reality as the hospital named "The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital". The hospital was completed in a span of four years during which Imran Khan, the superstar cricketer  headed the team as a captain in the 1992 cricket world cup. He brought the trophy home as well as a total of one and a half million pounds he collected within six weeks during the world cup. Not only this, Imran Khan also made an appeal for the collection of funds from a Pakistan India match dated 10th November 1989. This raised the funds to Rs 2,902,600. In 1994 Imran Khan launched a mass campaign and collected Rs 120 million by travelling in 27 cities in the country. Including from cash to jewellery, all the funds and even the individual ordinary citizens as well as the people of elite classes contributed and led to the construction of this legendary hospital.

Imran Khan says,
Imran Khan
That this world class Cancer Hospital is the hard work and generosity of individuals and it is with Zakat and sincere donations from millions that turned his dream into reality.

The master plan of Shaukat Khanum Mmorial Hospital was developed by Dr.Nausherwan K.Burki in 1990. Design details were handled by Messrs. Nayar Ali Dada and Associates of Lahore and engineering was taken over by Messrs. Progressive Consultants, Lahore. Dr Burki was the first CEO of the hospital. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital as said as the brainchild of Imran Khan, it's doors were opened on 29th December 1994.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

10 Must-Have Android Apps

Few days back, I wrote about Windows 8 apps. This time, it's turn for a review of some cool Android apps. Here you go:

  • My Movies Pro:

    Don't misunderstand this app as a movie-downloading app. It is a movies-collection-manager. It organizes your movie collection library from the app's high quality online data services having 0.725million+ movie titles.
    Considered to be one of the best movie collection sorter, this app can be downloaded from here. Its price is $4.87 and requires Android 2.2 or above. 


  • Meme Generator:

    We login to social websites such as Facebook where each day thousands of memes and comic pictures are uploaded. Do you ever think of creating such memes yourself? If yes, then here's a free Android app of your interest. This fun-to-use app allows you to generate memes and to share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Bluetooth and Picasa. 
          You can download and use this app here.

  • Candy Crush Saga:

    Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in their epic adventure through a world full of candy. Take on this deliciously sweet saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! Install this Android game and enjoy!

    Amazing graphics, colorful scenes and easy-to-play but challenging, Candy Crush Saga will surely be the most enjoyable game you'ever played. Do try it! :D   
    Download here.

  •  Instagram:

    If you haven't heard about Instagram, you must be a freak or an alien! It's the world's most famous, free, and simple tool to share your photos. Available on Android, Instagram allows you to share your photos.

    Other features include:
    • 100% free custom designed filters and borders
    • Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and brings out details in your photos you couldn't see before
    • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.  
    • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare
    • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
    • Works with Android versions 2.2 and above that support OpenGL ES 2
    • Full front & back camera support

     You can download Instagram here.
  • Crunchd:

    Use this free app to:
    - Build communities with your friends to see what's growing and cooking around you
    - Sow, plant, nurture, harvest, cook and eat your own food
    - Learn about the seasons appropriate for growing food.
    - Build a personal diary and record what you grow and eat.
    - Swap cooking tips and share recipes with your friends.
    - Trade any excess produce you grow with friends and people in your area.

    Crunchd is currently only available for users aged 13 and over who have an active Facebook account

  • Best Apps Market:

    Need a fast and reliable app discovery tool? Best Apps Market (BAM) is free and it features hand-picked lists and tools to organize your downloads. You’ll find independent reviews, money saving options, and easy to use filters.

    Start with Top Apps & Top Games: it’s like the editorial lists in iPhone for the Android Market. BAM is the best way to find a new app & new game without wasting time in the Google Play searching through junk!! The BAM editors review many apps & games then create useful lists of only the "best" ones for the users.

    Download the app from here.

  • The Score:

    Keeping up to date with the latest results in your favorite sports is easy with this app. You can add up to five leagues to the widget for at-a-glance updates, you can also set up real-time push alerts for free, and you have access to a wealth of data to share and discuss with other fans. Throw fantasy sports tools into the mix and you’ve found a new way to kill hours on your mobile. Whether it be football, basketball, hockey, baseball, mixed martial arts, soccer, auto racing, golf or tennis, theScore gives updates of them all. Sports lovers, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the app by downloading it from here.

  • Viggle:

    Who says that watching TV is a waste of time? With Viggle you can justify all those hours in front of the box because you can earn rewards for checking in while watching TV shows. The app identifies what you’re watching and rewards you with vouchers for brands like Best Buy and Burger King. If you’re feeling generous you can opt to convert them to charitable donations instead. Viggle is also a second screen app with interactive polls, show information, and extra related content.

      Click here to download.

  • Maps:

    Carrying paper maps when going to a new place? Here's a solution. Use Google Maps for Android and get rid of those paper maps forever. Whether you need to get directions to reach your destination or the best place to eat at, this app is here to guide you through.

    Features include:
    •  Detailed maps with 3D buildings 
    • Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
    • Driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions
    • Live traffic information to avoid congestion
    • Local search and business reviews
    • Google Maps Street View
    • Indoor maps for select airports, hotels, retail stores

    A must-have app on your phone, download it from here.

  • Fixya:

    Fixya is a free app. It consists of a community forum whose members guide you how to repair your gadgets or anything that need fixing. All you have to do is install this app and share your problem via video. To download this app, click here.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shahid Khan ___ Pakistan's Richest Man

Billionaire Pakistani SHAHID KHAN
Shocked !!! but yes it's true guys ... The name with which even not more than 25% of Pakistanis are familiar is the richest guy of Pakistan ...Oh yeah ,i am talking about Mr Shahid Khan, who is also known as Shad Khan. Shahid was born in the year 1952 in a middleclass family in Lahore,Pakistan. His mother was a professor of Mathematics.Shahid went to USA for higher studies @ the age of 16. 
       Shahid fell in love with the sports as well as with the brunette ,Ann Carlson. According to some resources "Shahid & Ann had some mutual friends but Shahid didn't even wait to let someone introduce him to Ann . He just went to Ann & introduce himself  directly..."
      Shahid's first appointed as a dish washer in a restaurant in America for which, he was paid to 1.20$/hour .He also done his job at the FLEX_N_GATE company which used to make automotive parts . Later on, he completed his graduation from UNIVERSITY OF IlLINOIS,URBANA CHAMPAIGN... As he completed his graduation, he was hired as the Engineering Director of FLEX_N_GATE.Later on , he started his work on bumpers which leads his life towards luxurious way such that in the year 1982, he bought the company FLEX_N_GATE,where he was being hired in his past. 
Shahid Khan with Mrs. Khan 
        Shahid married with Ann Carlson & has 2 children Tony Khan & Shanna Khan. Tony is an executive in his father's company whereas her daughter is a regional manager.Shahid didn't receive any proper business education but his son Tony said "He has a Ph.D worth of experience."

Shahid ,on 29th Nov,2011 bought Jacksonville Jaguar which is an NFL(National Football League) team from Wayne Weaver , as he is a football lover .This deal made Shahid the first ever member in the ethnic minority to own a NFL team.
In the year 2012, Khan was the 491st richest man all over the world & on 163th rank in United States.Khan is the top richest man of Pakistan having net worth of 2.9Billion$. Khan is enjoying dual nationality has been awarded with so many awards from University of Illinois & his journey towards more success is carry on ...!!!

Friday, 7 June 2013


Fauzia Kasuri, a former leader of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) women wing and also a prominent member of PTI declared her departure from (PTI) on Wednesday. Fauzia, being a senior and a long standing supporter of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and as said by her that, she was also the founding member of PTI who worked with Imran Khan in assisting him in raising funds for Shaukat KhanumMemorial Hospital for 22 years. She has worked with the party for 18 years.
Fauzia Kasuri

Ms Fauzia has given her resignation on the basis of the differences that she had over the National Assembly seats. According to her, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has not done justice (Insaf) with her and it’s not the party who gave equal rights. She added that some mafia and crooked politicians inside the party have caused internal disagreements, though Mr. Khan’s courage and hope to work for a change in country. Fauzia with heavy heart announced the decision of quitting her party in front of the media representatives while addressing a press conference. She says that it’s not simply becoming an MNA that has disgruntled everything but the absence of sincerity among the party members that matters. To become eligible for the seat of National Assembly, she also sacrificed her US nationality. But her sacrifice went in vain when the party gave priority to other women namely Dr.Shireen Mazari, Munaza Hasan etc. Ms Fauzia has further criticised the party’s election commissioner Hamid Khan for not allowing her to contest the party elections.

All the allegations that Ms Fauzia directed towards PTI have recently been addressed and here comes a new update from Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf; “the factual Clarification”.
The spokesman of PTI yesterday clarified some points, saying that
·         Ms Kasuri was first of all criticised on playing double with another party while at the same time being at work with PTI.
·         It was cleared that she was not the founding member of PTI in fact other senior members like Naeemul Haque, Hafeez Khan were.
·         She was disqualified from party elections on the basis of her late give up of the US nationality at the time of elections.
·         According to the party spokesman, she was at number 4 in National Assembly seats, which she accepted as well, so her saying of unfair reservation of seats in NA becomes a question mark.
Imran Khan with Fauzia Kasuri

Imran Khan as well as his sister Aleema Khan persuaded her to stay in the party but it was then revealed that Ms Fauzia Kasuri had already started meetings with the women of Sharif Family because Ms Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif had earlier made this offer to join PML-N. 
Amid all this, a historic move was also taken by the youngest MNA Ayesha, to sacrifice her seat for Ms.Kasuri, to stop her from leaving the party.

 Now, it was merely a dispute on a seat or a serious allegation that was being directed at the party’s authorities or vice versa, remains a question that will eventually be truthfully answered by time shortly.